BCF Receives Outstanding Community Award

Community Support

Local business support

A passer-by donated a gift certificate

Helping get the word out for volunteers

Median Beautification - River Oaks Drive near Carolina Forest Boulevard

56 sabal minor palms, 36 knock-out roses, 34 daylilies, and 21 yards of mulch were added to the existing trees to complete this phase of the median beautification project

Median Beautification - Carolina Forest Boulevard at Gateway Drive

Planting bed is sized and readied

Plants and mulch are added

Completed project consists of 3 palm trees, 12 knock-out roses and 42 daylilies

Median Beautification - Carolina Forest Boulevard Covington to Spring Lake

Holes are dug 16" deep and 20" wide

An auger was used in some hard-to-dig areas

Trees are unloaded and placed in the ground

Median Beautification - River Oaks Drive near Bellegrove

Holes were dug in groups of 7

Over a dozen volunteers planted 45 trees on River Oaks Drive

Volunteers came out in near freezing temperatures


Three additional crape myrtles planted to supplement existing trees

Everyone thinking a job well done!

The finished product in bloom!

Median Revitalization - Carolina Forest Boulevard Hwy 501 to Gateway Drive

Trees and shrubs are pruned and trimmed

Volunteers discuss the next beautification session

Posing for a photo before trimming the next group of trees and shrubs

Gateway Entrance Revitalization

Overgrown trees and shrubs block most of the gateway entrance

A beautiful brick wall is revealed after trimming

Over 100 bags of yard waste were hauled away by truck and trailer

Gateway Sign Area Revitalization - Round 2 - March 2016

Several Dumpsites Identified

Mattress and box spring dumped down an embankment along Carolina Forest Boulevard

A sofa and mattress dumped just a few feet off of CFB near Bellegrove

A car hood picked up from the roadside and taken to the recycling center

Continual Litter Pickup

Volunteers picking up litter on Carolina Forest Boulevard near River Oaks Drive

Using a golf cart can speed up the pickup

Bags and bags of trash are discarded at the recycle center. It never ends!

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